Athleisure can be the combination of activewear with leather and mesh. It has evolved a streetwear style that keeps you going all day long, looking fresh and stylish. These clothes can be worn for workouts and leisure activities. Athleisure offers the perfect balance of fashion and comfort.  Give yourself a look that’s effortless, classy and stylish.  


Erla “LA”  Latrina Sheffield is known as "Adesuwah" amongst her inner circle. She was always around fashion as a young girl who witnessed her grandmother and mother sewing different outfits. She quickly fell in love with fashion and landed her first job at 14 with a popular retail clothier. The passion was born and LA never looked back. A few years later she began working at an all-female fitness facility and the merging of fashion and fitness was born, her focus “to make women feel better” and look stylish after leaving the gym.  

“My focus is to create clothing that make women feel better.”